Sunday, October 27, 2013

Breast cancer screening, treatment, and reconstruction

Many women have questions about how to stay on top of breast cancer screening, detection and treatment options. Dr. Jennifer Walden sat down with KVUE's Ashley Goudeau and spoke on the morning show about current treatment options and breast reconstruction which can involve the body's own tissue or breast implants.

Dr. Walden’s own mother was diagnosed with cancer at age 68 and is now considered cured, so Walden has a personal connection to breast cancer. Her mom later had both mastectomy and breast reconstruction. A screening mammogram saved her life!

Dr. Walden also discusses the newest techniques of augmentation of breasts with the body's own fat (called fat transfer), and what this means for mammography and breast cancer detection. Some say it can hinder cancer detections or even stimulate breast cancer through signaling pathways and stem cells. Dr. Walden provides the latest medical updates on this new procedure.

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