Saturday, March 30, 2013

Overrated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

In this segment, Dr. Walden chats with KVUE news anchor, Yvonne Nava, about Allure's 11 Most Overrated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures.

Dr. Walden explains that not only may some of these procedures have undesirable side effects, but many of them have not been proven to be effective. She begins by discussing the "Vampire" face-lift, and reminds us that there is no scientific evidence that this procedure even works. An unproven procedure, costing patients anywhere from $1,000-$4,000 could be a waste of money.

Additionally, she explains that some of the procedures, such as laser liposuction, have no benefit over their respective standard procedures. Laser lipo has not been proven beneficial over standard liposuction, and therefore patients could be adding both unnecessary time and some potential additional risks.

One of the most interesting procedures from the list is called the "Foot Lift". Dr. Walden explains some women may be undergoing liposuction of the short toe or shortening of the middle toe in order to fit into their expensive designer shoes such as Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutin's. As one might guess, with so much of our balance and gait relying upon our feet,  many orthopedic surgeons and foot doctors advise against this procedure.

The following is Allure's complete list:
  1. The "Vampire" Face Lift
  2. Laser Liposuction
  3. The Stem-cell Face Lift
  4. Sculptura and Artefill for Lips
  5. Silicone Cheek Implants
  6. Ulthera
  7. Fat Injections for Breasts
  8. Brachioplasty
  9. Butt Implants
  10. Zerona Fat-Melting Laser
  11. Foot Lifts
To find out more or to view Allure's article yourself written by trusted beauty and health journalist Joan Kron, please click here!

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