Friday, February 15, 2013

Fractora Facial: Eight Weeks to A Younger You!

Are you searching for something that can finally address your deep wrinkles, pigment irregularities, blood vessels, or those acne scars you have tried to hide, time after time? Or something that can rival the result of plastic surgery, without all the downtime and expense of undergoing surgery?  If so, then Fractora may be for you.

Fractora is now available for those of us wanting to look years younger in a relatively short amount of time, with results lasting several years with little to no upkeep.  So who wouldn't want to give this latest and greatest procedure a try?

"It's like applying 60 tiny acupuncture needles in a tiny applicator to the skin," Dr. Jennifer Walden said in a recent interview with Todd Boatwright on Austin's YNN.  Fractora is several different technologies rolled into one-- radiofrequency sound waves, not a knife, help resurface, smooth, and tighten the facial skin.  Patients have the option of one big treatment or several smaller ones over a period of weeks. With no fuss, mess or downtime, Fractora may be the perfect fit for you and a solution to those problem areas you have always tried to fix.  Check the recent news segment out here.

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