Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Doubt That Stefani's Lips Look Larger!

42-year-old rockstar Gwen Stefani has always been recognized for her eccentric style, but now more than ever the No Doubt lead singer is causing question among her fans because of her enhanced signature red lips.

Stefani's lips always look striking, usually made up in bold hot pinks and bright reds, but lately her lips have been looking a little larger than usual. Stefani was spotted recently with much fuller red lips, most likely injected with fillers like restylane or juvéderm.

There is no doubt that the star's lips fantastic. Her lips are just the right amount of fullness, looking as natural as possible and she safely avoids the unfortunate "trout pout"" look so many other stars can't avoid. Stefani looks great and her lips compliment her larger-than-life style!

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