Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ryan Gosling's New Nose

There is no doubt Ryan Gosling is handsome, not to mention a very talented actor. Women still swoon over Gosling's most notable character in the hit love story, The Notebook. To everyone's surprise, however, it's been reported that Gosling has had a nose job.

It looks as if he has traded in his well-loved feature for a much straighter nose. Although he still looks quite the same, his new nose is a little smaller with a much straighter bridge, but succeeds in not changing the fundamental shape of his face. Was anyone shocked to find out that some of today's leading men in the acting world are looking to plastic surgery to alter their appearances?
More men are beginning to take the plastic surgery route and if they look as half as good as Gosling, we're alright with that. No matter what Gosling does to his appearance, its undeniable, we can't quit you!

Photo courtesy of TotallyTop10

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  1. I guess there will always be room for improvement. No matter if it's something as simple as a botox New York or a liposuction, we all find ourselves wishing we looked better.