Monday, July 9, 2012

Beat the Summer Heat with Botox!

Summer heat means excessive sweating that can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing for some people. Dr. Jennifer Walden appeared on KXAN in Austin, Texas to discuss the wonder-drug Botox and its abilities to cure unpredictable sweating.

The uber-popular, FDA approved cosmetic injectable, Botox, normally used to treat wrinkles between the brow. What many don't know is that it also effectively treats excessive underarm and hand perspiration, a condition known as hyperhidrosis, which affects people with uncontrollable overactive sweat glands. Botox can be injected under the arms to block the chemical signals that trigger the glands to secrete sweat. This 10 to 15-minute procedure performed in the doctor's office under topical numbing cream effectively blocks sweating under the skin without interfering with the body's natural ability to cool itself. No need to hide out from the heat (or public speaking) any longer!

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