Sunday, January 15, 2012

Roundup of the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in NYC

Dr. Jennifer Walden was honored to be featured as a top cosmetic surgeon in NYC prior to her move to Austin, Texas. Pierce Mattie, an esteemed beauty and fashion public relations firm, wrote the article below, entitled,"Roundup of the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in NYC" on November 14, 2011. Thanks, Pierce Mattie!

If you’re looking to undergo cosmetic surgery, here are three cosmetic surgeons located in New York City, known for their skill and expertise.
Dr. Phillip Miller: Dr. Philip Miller is a cosmetic surgeon that has remained on the list of Best Doctors in America since 2007. He specializes in facial surgeries, including plastic, cosmetic, and rejuvenation procedures. Due to his extensive training, studying and applied experience of over twenty years, he attracts many patients, including an extensive-secret celebrity list.
Dr. Phillip Miller has also been featured in many magazines like W Magazine, Marie Claire and The Wall Street Journal, in addition to newspaper articles, each displaying his knowledge and success. He was recently featured in Elle Magazine - who reports that Dr. Phillip Miller is NYC’s best facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Phillip Miller has been the recipient of many doctorial awards including Top Doctor of New York.
If you want to engage in more information and stay connected regarding Dr. Phillip Miller, be sure to follow him on Twitter, and YouTube to catch his latest interviews and answers. He also has an app! If you have an iPhone or Android you can download his App to stay up to date on his practices and procedures.
Dr. Kolker: Dr. Adam R. Kolker focuses his practice on facial cosmetic surgery as well as breast and body augmentations. Not only does Dr. Kolker serve in his practice, but also finds the time to exert the position of a surgical volunteer for Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that Dr. Kolker is a proud representative of. The organization helps children all around the world by performing free surgery to those in need.
In addition to Dr. Kolker’s success, he has produced his own line of skin care products entitled, AKMD. For every AKMD product sold, a portion is generously donated to Operation Smile.
To request an appointment with Dr. Kolker, you can do so online or visit their contact page
Dr. Jennifer Walden: Dr. Jennifer Walden is frequently seen on Fox News where she shares her expertise on cosmetic surgery. She's also routinely sourced in magazines such as Vogue, Shape, The New York Sun and more, on surgical related topics. She is very well known for her extensive list on procedure selection from injections, breast implants, tummy tucks, makeovers and more.
Dr. Walden has a growing list of jaw dropping “before and afters” that really display her talent. She succeeds in every aspect of emotionally and physically transforming patient’s lives, so they can achieve and live their dream. Dr. Walden is also the co-author of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which covers unique topics and provides guidance and expertise on cosmetic surgery and the outcomes. The hardcover inspirational book also comes with a DVD, both are available for purchase through Amazon for $315.
If you are eager to learn more about Dr. Walden you ‘Like’ her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter. She also posts videos on YouTube to share, her recent post reflecting Breast Cancer Awareness, which is a great video to educate yourself with.
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