Friday, September 9, 2011

Cosmetic Surgery at age 83: 'Enhancing' the Golden Years

We all want to look our best right? So why should that be any different for senior citizens? Just ask Marie Kolstad, the 83 year old Orange County woman who recently had a breast augmentation procedure.

The great-grandmother has garnered national attention after going public with the details about her desire to look and feel younger, and her surgery has sparked a debate about cosmetic surgery and whether there may be increased potential health risks as we age.

Dr. Walden's article in Culture Map provides a well rounded look at the topic and clears up the controversy:

So if you happen to be getting older, worry not about squeezing in your last nip or tuck before your 65th Birthday. As long as you are in good health, you could still have years and years of visits to your plastic surgeon to look forward to.


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  2. I admire this woman for having the courage to do what she wants, when she wanted to. Why shouldn't you consult with a plastic surgeon orange county if you want to?