Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vienna Girardi and Mr. Potato Head

Remember those little plastic potato heads with the big, removable noses that you played with as a kid? Well reality star Vienna Girardi, who recently underwent rhinoplasty, thinks that that is what her nose looked like before her surgery. And while a new nose might not be as easy as popping out one piece of plastic and plugging in another, at least she had the option of rhinoplasty.

One of the top cosmetic surgeries performed these days is the rhinoplasty, as Dr. Walden recently discussed in SHAPE. Many celebs (and pseudo-celebs) undergo this procedure in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look. I was looking at Vienna's before pictures in US Weekly (see below), and reading her comments regarding the shape of her nose, and this got me thinking about different types of noses.

While we often see celebrities who have fairly attractive features to begin with and who have minimal changes made in order to improve their appearances, there are some who have less attractive features to begin with. In Vienna's case, she had a hooked nose, often called a 'bird nose' or 'hawk nose', which reminds me of the shape of Paris Hilton's nose.

This type of nose can be drastically improved with a rhinoplasty procedure, and in Vienna's case I do think the improvement can be considered drastic, especially if you look at the profile shot. Lucky for Vienna, even though she acted like a witch on The Bachelor, she doesn't have to look like one.

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