Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rumer Has It...

Rumor has it that Rumer Willis has gotten breast implants. Lets take a look. Below is a picture of Willis from 2009, followed by a photo of the 22 year old that was taken several weeks ago.
Because of the difference in size, an obvious increase of at least two cup sizes, I believe that it is likely that Rumer has undergone breast augmentation. I think that the results are great - natural looking and a perfect size for her frame. Her breasts not only look fuller, but also lifted, in comparison with the first picture where her breasts show signs of ptosis, or sagging. Many speculate that Rumer's mom Demi must have one of the greatest plastic surgeons on speed dial because of the way she seems to age in reverse - constantly looking younger in a natural way. So it comes as no surprise that Rumer would have equally excellent and natural results. Kudos to her doctor for a job well done!

1 comment:

  1. I can certainly see the enhance after her cosmetic surgery. But she looked great even before the procedure in my opinion.

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