Friday, June 3, 2011

Teenage Plastic Surgery-Not What You Think

Dr. Walden was on CBS News this week discussing the reasons some teenagers are getting plastic surgery these days. We have all seen one of the reasons in the news but maybe not directly related to plastic surgery: bullying. Bullying is the age old form of torture that children and adolescents just love to inflict on each other. While this may seem like a rite of passage or just a tradition, it can be detrimental to the kid being bullied. This can have long lasting effects on a child's self-esteem, confidence, and social skills and these are essential to success in school and later on in the workplace. In the last few years there have even been suicides and school shootings because of bullying! It is a serious topic.
We all know kids can be cruel and very blunt, especially when appearances are involved. A large nose or ears that stick (both are seen in the segment)are targets for such ridicule. That's why these days more and more teenagers are looking into plastic surgery to fix such things. I believe that having something that bothers you everyday fixed can change your life so much for the better. This is much like when parents get their kids braces so they have straight teeth because teeth are a large part of one's appearance. We want our kids to be happy and confident and sometimes it takes a little more than buying them a new outfit. These days there are more options out there and I think parents should explore them if they feel their child could benefit from them.
See what Dr. Walden had to say about it:


  1. I have heard about these teenagers succumbing to peer pressure and scheduling appointments with Long Island plastic surgery clinics. Bullying is an old, serious problem we all have encountered. Kids are kids. And I don't think plastic surgery will put a stop to that.

  2. In my opinion, the current media is largely responsible for this mindset. Today's MTV shows alone can pretty much verify this.
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