Tuesday, May 31, 2011


With Memorial Day here, summer has officially arrived, and for hollywood starlettes that means one thing, bikinis, bikinis, bikinis!!!! While we all love a bikini treat revealing the toned and perky bods of the twenty-somethings, we must say that hollywood's leading middle-aged ladies are giving them a run for their money. Just check out Modern Family's Sofia Vergara, featured in a recent Pepsi ad with David Beckham.

The spicy Latina, who is famous for her show stopping curves, denies having any work done, but we can't help speculating about her her full and lifted breasts. While it is always possible for a woman's breasts to increase several sizes as she ages and has children, it is not quite so usual for the breasts to remain so lifted and full around the top. Below is a picture of Vergara from her earlier modeling days:

Compare that with another more recent photo:

There is a noticeable difference in the fullness and lift. Breast implants can provide a nice lift and can be well-hidden under already sizable breasts to provide this type of natural look. Either way we think Sofia sports a fabulous curvy look that is a nice change from some of the stick thin celebs we are used to seeing. Also for a thirty-eight year old woman, her face looks young and fresh leading one to believe she has had some botox and fillers. Whatever you're doing Sofia, keep doing it!

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