Thursday, May 12, 2011

Best Small Implants EVER! (IMO)

Implants have the common misconception of being huge, out of control, bulbous, and overly round. They sometimes get a really bad wrap. Especially in hollywood where we see 90lb girls getting DDD's when they have no business doing so. (Ahem, we are talking to you, girlfriends of Hugh Hefner). Implants can be a beautiful thing. In our opinion, implants should be a natural enhancement that coincide with your frame, natural build and anatomy. So, in celebration of this thought I have chosen my favorite small scale, proportionate implant job of all time. Drumroll please.........Sophia Bush! I think she looks so fantastic. It can be tricky to put an implant in a small framed girl and achieve this natural of a look. Surgery job well-done. So today, Sophia, I celebrate your full B's...they are just B-eautiful!

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