Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two Of Our Very Own

These beautiful ladies are not only our patients for the month of April, but they are also part of our amazing staff! Olivia (left) is an amazingly talented opera singer when she's not in our office and Alicia was with us until a few months ago when she pursued a career in public relations. Appearance plays a big part of the theater and the p.r. world so these girls made sure they looked their best! Working at our office opened their eyes to options and treatments that have enhanced their already natural beauty.

Olivia and Alicia have both had Botox treatments for wrinkle correction, as well as wrinkle prevention. To even out their skin tone and make their skin glow, they have had several chemical peels. They both also got fillers in heir lips for a natural-looking enhancement. It's not just about looking's about feeling good (and the way that makes you look)!

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