Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reese Witherspoon Looking Fresh and Fab On The Red Carpet!

New movie Water For Elephants starring the lovely Reese Witherspoon and the equally lovely Robert Pattinson premiered this past weekend. At the premier was glowing newlywed Witherspoon looking freshly botoxed and fabulous! Reese appears to have had a few injections in the lower forehead and possibly lip filler. Reese still has plenty of movement in her face, a sign of a botox-job-well-done! We like our actresses to have expressions for crying out loud! Her skin looks youthful and radiant, just like every new bride dreams of. It sure doesn't hurt that she spent the night alongside dashing co-star Robbie Patts. He could make anyone look good, not that Reese needs any help.

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