Friday, March 25, 2011

Why Rose Why?

I'm sure those of you that saw Rose McGowan on Law and Order SVU on Wednesday night were as disappointed as I was to see what she has done to herself. Her face just looks awful and fake. Her lips are over-injected, her cheeks are over-injected, and it looks like she has had her nose worked on again. Her whole face seemed puffy and abnormal. She could have done some correction without over-doing it, which she clearly did. By looking at early pictures of her (the Charmed era), you can see she had a little work done on her nose but it fit her face beautifully and I think she looked great. Now she has just gone too far and it is disappointing.

The sad thing is that I thought she was a pretty girl before all this and I liked her. She took on tough-girl roles and that's why women liked her and why men were attracted to her. I was willing to overlook the whole Marilyn Manson relationship and the chain-link dress but not this. When you take a pretty face and do this to it, it is just a shame. For those of you that forgot how pretty she used to be, I have added an older photo of her.

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