Monday, February 14, 2011

The "Gammy" Awards

Whether they stole the show in a mini, or were sexily peaking out from underneath the slit of a gown, beautiful legs were a full on accessory at last night's grammy awards. Some of these ladies could have gotten away with wearing no makeup at all since the viewer's eye was never going to make it above the waist anyway. Jennifer Lopez's sticks looked so hot I wouldn't have noticed if she still had a towel on her head!

Long, thin, toned, cellulite & spider vein free legs are every woman's dream and if great legs were easy to come by the floor length gown probably would have been done away with a long time ago. You don't hear us plastic surgery folks talking about legs all that much but I assure you this is not because women don't consider it a problem area. These days you can get rid of your wrinkles during a lunch break, and going from an A to a C cup takes about as long as a yoga class. Making legs look prettier is unfortunately not such an easy task...liposuction can leave a legacy of excess skin and dimpling behind while none of the newer skin tightening devices offer predictable or long term results. Then there is the infamous thigh lift which in theory sounds great until you start talking scars and recovery, not such a panacea anymore...and my favorite, if all the money spent on cellulite creams that do nothing went to starving children in Africa they would have the same childhood obesity problem we do. Made my point?

Is all hope lost? Of course not! There are many people who are good candidates for leg liposuction and I think as the non-surgical tightening devices continue to evolve the results will improve greatly. Spider veins respond well to traditional sclerotherapy which works by collapsing the vein (don't worry, they're so small your circulatory system won't even know they're gone!) or laser therapy. Diet and exercise are imperative to minimizing leg fat, toning, and improving circulation so don't expect your doctor to do it all. With a strong doctor-patient team effort beautiful legs can be your best accessory too.

Has Eva had liposuction? Did Jenny from the block need sclerotherapy after the birth of the twins? These are hard procedures to detect. Unlike the guessing game of "did she or didn't she" with a breast augmentation these more subtle fixes can stay under the plastic surgery radar. This is of course a good thing for the patient and as much as I can't tell you for 'fairly certain' who's had what of the celebrity sect, I can assure you if there has been a need it's been done.

So ladies, go out there and invest in a good pair of sneakers for the gym, heels for those big nights out (nothing elongates legs like 5 inch stilettos) , and follow up with your plastic surgeon for the rest!

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