Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Biggest Loser

For those of you readers who have been to our office this face probably looks familiar. Olivia has been the office manager at Dr. Walden's for 2 years and she, along with her sister Hannah, is on the current season of the Biggest Loser getting her butt kicked by Bob and Jillian.

We are so proud of our girl who has long wanted to get the weight off and will no doubt return to us slim and trim. I know one of her concerns before leaving for the show was that if she was able to lose all the weight she may be left with saggy skin. This can be a problem after any major weight loss and it is very common for people to undergo a tummy tuck or full body lift as the icing on the fat-free cake once the extra l.b.'s are gone. This is not something people should even think about until the weight is not only gone, but has been kept off for quite awhile. For those who are just getting rid of the weight to save themselves from heart disease and diabetes, then the aesthetic result may not matter so much. For many though, there is the element of vanity which cannot be achieved without a nip/tuck at the end. In those instances I think people should hold their head high on their way to their plastic surgery consultation. I think of it as a much deserved reward for all that hard work! What a cupcake used to be after a job well done! After all, these are not pounds that would come off with a little more time on a treadmill. There is only one way to get rid of excess skin to this degree and that is with a knife.

Well lucky for a Olivia she's got an in with one of New York's top plastic surgeons if she ever needs one....

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