Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Granny Sweater Here

Award show season has begun ladies and gentlemen. The dresses, the shoes, the jewelry, the hair and makeup...oh yes and the awards of course! For the next month we will see our favorite celebrities wearing our favorite designers and we get to critique and decide who dropped our jaws and who should immediately fire their stylist and/or trainer. While most people did look amazing at the Golden Globes this week, it was Jane Fonda who turned the most heads. She looked unbelievable in her black George Hobeika gown with winged shoulder tips and silver sequined sleeves. I would be impressed with the way she looked in the gown if she were any age but the woman is 73 years old! She attributes her appearance to always staying active (she has done dozens of fitness tapes) and to having some plastic surgery done. Well someone did something right.

The greatest thing is she looks exactly like herself, no different. She just looks young and vibrant and beautiful. I love that she still has the same face she did 30 years ago (actually she still has the same body too). I think I might have to put some leggings on and watch those tapes of hers. After all, the woman has turned the heads of generations of men. I’m sure some wives out there were waiting for Fonda to look old one day so their husbands would stop drooling. Well no such luck ladies…43 years later and Barbarella is still a knockout.

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