Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bridalplasty Obsession

I finally caught an episode of Bridalplasty and it is official...I have a new guilty pleasure!! I thought reading US Weekly was a good outlet to leave your brain at home and have a good mindless read....well watching my new favorite reality show takes the wedding cake in this department!! Your brain could be on another planet while watching and you wouldn't notice!

So just to get those of you who have been in the dark like myself up to speed on the premise of the show, you have the typical reality t.v. setup with a famous host, Shanna Moakler, and die hard contestants who in this series are vying for the "perfect wedding". By perfect I do not mean the most beautiful flowers and best band...I mean perfect nose, breast, and body. Dead serious. The winner of this E! hit wins their wish list of procedures which according to the show will make them the "perfect bride".

It wouldn't be a reality show without a weekly challenge and in last week's episode the challenge entailed the remaining contestants, along with their future mother-in-law (not joking) to run around Venice Beach doing a photo scavenger hunt of sorts. One task was to take a photo of someone being buried in the sand. See below photo as proof that contestant Allyson's future m.i.l. volunteered for the job. Anything to help out family I guess..

I couldn't help but laugh out loud picturing my own mother-in-law buried in the sand so that I could have a free nose job for my wedding.

So each week the winner of the challenge gets to have a surgery off their wish list which gives them immunity from being kicked off the show while they recover. At this point in the season there are quite a few girls in various stages of the post op process from a wide variety of procedures. This brings me to one of my favorite parts of the show. Now you have all the cattiness that goes along with girls living together competing for the same prize, but with bandages!! There are girls trying to yell at each other but can't because their voices are nasal and they don't want their nasal splint to fall off! Think of it like if the girls on The Bachelor got into a limo accident on their way to meet their "husband" and had to spend the rest of the season in casts. It is hysterical!!

Sadly at the end of each episode somebody has to turn out the lights of their wedding closet (i.e. gets kicked off), done very dramatically at the RSVP ceremony, ruining their chances of becoming the perfect bride. Hopefully they all have nice fiances waiting for them back home to console their big noses and fat thighs. There is always CareCredit...

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