Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Could a Breast REDUCTION be in Heidi Montag's Future?

The latest buzz this week is that reality star and drama queen, Heidi Montag wants a breast reduction. Ms. Montag had this to say to Life & Style magazine:

"My boobs are crushing me. I have major anxiety about it."

Unfortunately, for most people this would seem a very obvious outcome when looking at the petite star. recently interviewed our own Dr. Jennifer Walden about the complications with oversized breast implants. Dr. Walden had this to say:

"A higher rate of complications is more likely. This is due to the irreparable skin and tissue damage that can occur with the stretch caused by an implant that extends outside of the natural dimensions of the chest and breast," Dr. Walden tells StyleList.

Although I don't think Ms. Montag needs anymore plastic surgery, I do think that a breast reduction would not only look good but is a much healthier option. Dr. Walden agrees that smaller implants would be the best bet. In her surgical opinion:

"I think Heidi would be great with a moderate to full C-cup. Looking at a woman her height and weight, this usually equates to around 300 to 325 cc's," says Dr. Walden -- referring to the unit of measurement for breast implants, which is done in cubic centimeters.

My hope is that she goes ahead and switches out her implants to a smaller more appropriate size for her body. I think that she will not only look a million times better, but I think she will most definitely achieve relief physically.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Erika Freaks Out in the SpIN Crowd About Lip Augmentation

The Spin Crowd is a new "reality" show on E! starring Jonathan Cheban, the owner of Command PR. The show is formally known as The Spindustry, although nobody seems to care that the show produced by Kim Kardashian suddenly resurfaced with a new name.

Well last night Cheban ordered his first year associate Erika Ledesma to get dermal fillers in her lips and he even went as far as to pay for the procedure and set up the appointment.

In case you didn't see the show, Ledesma CRIED about a. having her boss tell her she needed to enhance her lips and b. after, during and before her procedure about the devastating transformation she was making to have to keep her job.

Well hunny, if you want to play ball in the big leagues, you gotta step up to the plate.

As someone who's had numerous lip fillers injected I can say it certainly doesn't make you unrecognizable.

I think her attitude towards the procedure and Cheban's suggestion was childish, there's no difference from putting on some spanks to squeeze into an Alice + Olivia dress than to get a little filler in your lips. You're still using outside measures to achieve a "more desirable look" that society has established.

So grow up girl, but thanks for the dermal filler PR (any press is good press as Im sure Cheban knows) and Im sure Restylane and Juvederm appreciate the product placement!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life and Style: Glee Star Heather Morris Gets a Boob Job

We hope you picked up this weeks issue of Life and Style as Dr. Walden was featured as she weighed in on whether or not Glee star Heather Morris had undergone a breast augmentation!

A Nose By Any Other Name.....

Dr. Walden was recently quoted on celebrity news site, discussing the many possible plastic surgery procedures of Kim Kardashian. Now Ms. Kim is no stranger to our blog....we have discussed her famous curves in many of our posts. The article brings up a topic that has crossed my mind numerous times in the last months....Kim's face seems to be changing daily. When you look at pictures from editorial shoots as well as paparazzi it is amazing how different her face looks from year to year. Our own Dr. Walden had this to say of her ever changing face:

“It appears that Kim has undergone a rhinoplasty, or a nose job, to make her nose look straighter and the tip more narrow and refined,” NYC-based surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden tells “She also looks as if she may have had Botox to her forehead to help it appear smooth, and fillers like Restalyne or Juvederm to the nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and possibly even the lips – although I think genetics has dictated her full lips for the most part!” she added.

It states in the article that they think she is starting to look "plastic".....I don't necessarily feel that way at this point. That being said she is such a BEAUTIFUL young woman that I would hate to see her end up in Heidi Montag land. I think she looks amazing and if she has gone under the knife she should stop while she is ahead. It would be a shame to do anything else to such a natural beauty. So, keep it up Kim we think you look wonderful as you are!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All In Moderation

I realize that it is a common misconception among non-celebs that all the folks in Hollywood know each other but after seeing these pictures of, and posted by, Teri Hatcher I have no doubt that she and Lisa Rinna are friends. If you are a dedicated reader of our blog you will recall a posting I did on 3/25/10 about Lisa Rinna fresh out of the shower, in her bathroom, moving her facial muscles every which way possible in attempt to prove to the world that she is not "overtoxed". So either Teri has a case of copycatitis or while lunching with her pal she was given great advice on how to put out there that you are gracefully growing old (ha!). I can just picture the conversation...."You wait for the Botox to wear off, but not completely because you will look HORRIBLE on camera, then you take as many pictures as possible in your towel, post them, then go straight to your injector before another muscle moves!" Look, I get it, the media is ruthless with celebrities and what they have had nipped and tucked, but enough with the towel show. Just show us a little movement on Desperate Housewives this season and we'll be happy. And remember ladies, just like everything else, Botox in moderation! You don't need to swear off one of the best inventions in recent times, just look at it like dessert, a little goes a long way....

Life and Style Rihanna Rhinoplasty?

We hope you picked up last weeks issue of Life and Style as Dr. Walden was featured as she weighed in on whether or not pop princess Rihanna has undergone a rhinoplasty!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fake Eyelashes Made From Flies

Its not plastic or surgery, but it sure is fake! Jessica Harrison is an artist who created false eye lashes made from real fly legs. Now I have heard of tarantula but this really takes the cake.

I mean really, think about it, flies are known for landing their legs on some pretty nasty substances and places. Why would anyone want to put fly body parts near their eyes? It sounds like an infection waiting to happen.

Gross! But props to you Jess for the originality.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not Above Plastic Surgery

The person in the first photo above is practically unrecognizable and it is none other than our favorite female trainer, Jillian Michaels. For years now she has been helping people lose weight and battle emotional related food issues on the widely popular Biggest Loser. Jillian has made no secret of having a painful childhood that included battling the bulge. Only now though has Jillian come forward to discuss having plastic surgery to fix the nose she says was once the butt of many jokes in addition to her weight and unibrow.

She does not divulge any details but does admit to having had a nose job in the current issue of Parade magazine. She is quoted as saying, "I feel so much better about myself. Plastic surgery is a very personal decision." Good for her! Jillian is a great role model for plastic surgery. She has devoted her life to diet and exercise to achieve weight loss, good health, and happiness for both herself and others, and will likely now help others not feel ashamed to have similar plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is not a panacea to becoming skinny, toned, or emotionally sound. It is however a great tool to change certain things physically that cannot be changed otherwise.

Jillian's surgeon did a great job of narrowing her nose and refining the tip to make it more feminine appearing on her face. I think it looks very natural and compliments the rest of her features. I am glad to see she has come forward with this information because she has become one of America's role models who has the power to help other people achieve self confidence, whether it be at the gym or in the operating room.