Friday, December 3, 2010

DVR Party

So I am finally out of my turkey coma and caught up on all the shows I missed over Thanksgiving while traveling to visit family and eat my body weight in stuffing. I truly wish that I was able to catch the ABC primetime special, 'Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Too Far?', live the night before Thanksgiving because I would have lost my appetite in time to save myself from the beginning surge of the holiday pounds. Instead I was left home last night, on a night where I was eating salad for dinner anyway, to shake off the disturbing footage from the special.

I will keep my recap of the Heidi Montage portion brief because I really don't like giving her attention (no picture on purpose-we've all seen it and yes we know, 1o procedures in one day!!) but she was a big part of the special so I do need to mention her. All of sudden she has nothing but regret about having her marathon round of surgeries and is placing blame on her deceased surgeon for not thoroughly educating her on the procedures prior to surgery. Funny how just a few months ago she was on the same network defending her decision to go under the knife that many times all the while singing Dr. Ryan's praises. I guess it's pretty easy to change your tune once the surgeon can no longer defend himself and the public despises you for your new dimensions. I just wish Cynthia McFadden would have been harder on her during the interview. I found her to be way too sympathetic toward Heidi's sudden change of heart which is disrespectful to the late Dr. Ryan as well as indulging to her addiction to attention. Everybody just needs to ignore her. It is the only way she will go away.

Next up, Pete Burns. What to even say about this guy, maybe girl... To be honest, I didn't even know who he was prior to watching this special and now I can't get those massive excuses for lips out of my head (this is where the appetite went south). I don't know what to say other than there is something really wrong upstairs and what the guy truly needs is a brainplasty.

Last but not least...Janice Dickinson. I like her. Her candidness if refreshing and despite the fact that she opts for an unnecessary extra syringe here and there she is still a role model for not caring what people think. I think as women we are wired to be sensitive to the smallest of criticisms and at the end of the day what does it really matter what people who don't even know us think? She truly puts her middle fingers in the air to her haters and I applaud her for that. Kind of makes me want to be thicker skinned myself.

Have a great weekend!

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