Friday, December 3, 2010

Blind Date With A Surgeon..Are You On One?

I recently found out that a woman in Boise, Idaho was scammed a few weeks ago into getting a breast exam in a bar restroom by a woman claiming she was a plastic surgeon. The ‘alleged’ doctor has since been arrested on felony charges on the unlicensed practice of medicine. Some of you might be wondering what was this woman thinking and why did she expose herself to a complete stranger? I was thinking the same thing and then it made me wonder how much people really know about the surgeons they go see. Years ago the only way to find a surgeon was to look one up in the yellow pages and all you got was a name and number. Today, however, we have the internet with its endless flow of information. To just pick a name and call for an appointment may not be as bad as being examined in a bar bathroom but you are also doing yourself a great disservice. Don’t look for one with your eyes closed.
Do your research! Picking a plastic surgeon should not be like going on a blind date because let’s be honest: how many of those are successful? Check to see if the doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and see what hospital they are affiliated with. Plastic surgeons should have a website so go on it and you should be able to see what school the doctor went to, what training they have had, any awards they may have received, etc. Look to see what procedures they do and if they have before and after pictures. This is also a good opportunity to think about what it is you want and what look you are hoping to achieve. Once you’ve done your research then you should call and make an appointment for a consultation. On the day of the visit it should be a two way street. You should feel comfortable telling the doctor what you want and he/she should discuss your options with you, reasonable expectations, risks, recovery time, etc. If you do your homework and find your suitable plastic surgeon then you should be able to walk out of the consultation confidently. Almost like walking home from a great first date, already excited for the next one!

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