Friday, November 19, 2010

What's Real and What's Silver?

Singing, dancing and acting may not be her why did 4.7 million fans (including my coworkers and I) tune in this August for the premiere of this season's Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Perhaps we want to see the sense of reality or normalcy that we don't get to see on the airbrushed and perfectly positioned pictures we compare ourselves to. It is the same reason why we buy gossip magazines...our little guilty treasures. We want to see cellulite and stretch marks and bad hair days! Be honest: it makes you feel better about yourself. This is especially true when we see celebrities having injections done and plastic surgeries. Celebrity news shows often enlist the help of Dr Walden to decide who has had what done so the public can see what plastic surgeons see.

Now, that said, the Kardashian show has as many fans as it does because we feel they are being real with us. Kourtney has had breast implants and she openly talks about it. So why does Kim deny having any breast-related surgeries and more importantly are we being cheated? In this W spread, everything seems to be out in the open and quite shiny and silver. To those who watch the show, we know that Kim turned down a nude shot for Playboy. So why did she then pose nude for W? Maybe it is because the silver paint is hiding signs of breast implants. To the untrained eye this might be true but take a closer look!  In the picture, the shading of the silver paint as it reflects off the flashes of the camera shows that Kim could be dealing with change in breast shape due to her implants. It's called capsular contracture and it occurs when excessive scar tissue forms around the implant and tightening occurs. Large, heavy implants placed in the subglandular position (instead of under the muscle of the breastbone) can more frequently end up looking tight and misshape the breast (causing tissue stretch and indentation in the skin). Could this be what we are seeing this on the inner aspect of the left breast more than the right in the W photo?

So, Kim, just tell us all! We promise to still like you and most of us will like you more if you come clean. We know that you were blessed with a derriere of extreme proportions. We know that it must have been hard being so un-proportioned and you wanted to be more balanced. We all want the same thing and we are some even have plastic surgeons to help us out. We are not born perfect...especially since we all have a different idea of what perfection is. The important thing is that we can be happy and we can get the look we want with a little help from our friends with steady hands and skills with the scalpel. What do you think?

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