Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boobie Ban

It was early October when I saw my first "I Love Boobies!" bracelet. It was on the wrist of one of our patients, and since a great deal of what we do around here involves "boobies", a conversation about the bracelet began almost immediately. Before I even found out the important message behind the bracelet I was inquiring about where to get one. Once I found out that the bracelets were designed to raise money for, and promote breast cancer awareness, I wanted to buy 50! They were cute, trendy, and most importantly bringing awareness to a disease that affects the lives of so many.

What negative could there possible be with this accessory? Well apparently schools across the
country did not feel the same way I did. Students were showing up to school, many of whom had parental permission to do so, wearing their bracelets proud only to find themselves suspended or the bracelets banned. Many school districts called the bracelets inappropriate and a distraction from learning. I don't doubt for a second that there were breast related comments made by teenagers that had nothing to do with breast cancer, however I do not think this is reason to take disciplinary action against something that is overall very positive. What type of message does that send to our youth? I have vivid memories of boys blowing up condoms like they were balloons during sex education but that was not a reason to not teach and promote safe sex.

Well there are a group of mothers in Pennsylvania that feel the same way I do. They have filed a class action lawsuit against a school district for placing a ban on the bracelets. The are calling the ban a breech of the first amendment and fighting for their freedom of speech. May justice prevail...

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