Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Revisiting NeNe

For those of you who are devoted readers of our blog you might recall a posting I put up a few months ago about NeNe Leakes. At the time it was confirmed that she has a nose job, mainly because when such a significant change is on your face it is hard to deny. There was speculation at the time that NeNe either had additional procedures or was considering them. In my previous posting I referred to footage that had recently been taped for The Real Housewives of Atlanta where NeNe was at her plastic surgeon's office for a breast and liposuction consult. Well that episode recently aired and NeNe is now taking the guessing out of the game and admitting to downsizing her implants in addition to having her breasts lifted and liposuction to contour her waist. Not quite a Heidi Montag day but that is still a significant amount of surgery for one day. She told People magazine that she feels really confident and couldn't be happier with her results. I think she looks great and the fact that she thinks so too is most important. If she quits while she's ahead she will be a good example of what the combination of diet/exercise and plastic surgery can achieve. Any more trips to visit the knife and you can be certain that I will retract that statement in a future blog. Gotta love those "real" housewives...

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