Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Face of Almay...New Nose?

In a commercial for Almay eye shadow it looks as though the new spokesperson, Kate Hudson, may have undergone a tip-plasty. A tip-plasty is a surgical procedure in which just the tip of the nose and its cartilages are refined (as opposed to a septoplasty which remedies a deviated septum, and a total rhinoplasty). Many have speculated that Hudson underwent a rhinoplasty in the past. While we can speculate she underwent a second surgical procedure to refine the tip of her nose, nothing can be confirmed. Take a look at the Almay commercial and photos below:

Hudson's Downward Tip

Hudson's Tip Appears Refined


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  2. The result of the surgery is such very excellent . Hudson is looking very nice after getting done the surgery.

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