Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Confession of a Surgeaholic

I have a confession. In the past, mayyybe on more than one occasion, I have thought about blogging about how I thought Lea Michele would benefit from a nose job. I'm sorry! I know! We are supposed to encourage people to accept their God given traits but I happen to work for a plastic surgeon who does a really good rhinoplasty, and the results that I have seen have led me to think a little outside the genetic pool.

Well in the November issue of GQ our beloved Glee star has told myself, along with everyone else who suggested or implied the same over the years, what she thought of us. She is quoted as saying, "f-word those people who told me to have a nose job." She goes on to talk about how she was one of the few girls in her high school who did not undergo the knife, despite probably needing it the most. She is proud to be on a show that promotes acceptance of the "non-popular" high school sector. We can all relate to feeling like a misfit at some point during adolescence, and it is refreshing to see such popularity come from a show where the entire message is that this is okay.

I applaud Lea for staying true to herself and being comfortable in her own skin. Surgery is not for everybody and should always be done for no one else but the person on the operating table. Leah, I owe you an apology, who am I to tell you what makes you beautiful. You are perfect just the way you are and the most important thing is that you feel this way. If you ever change your mind I know a great surgeon ;)

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