Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kate Gosselin: Mommy of Eight to Sexy Mama

Since Kate Gosselin first appeared on "Jon and Kate Plus 8"a lot has changed; not just Gosselin's celebrity status but also her body. We have seen Gosselin go from "mommy of eight" to "sexy mama" after a tummy tuck and inception of a fitness regimen. However, many are beginning to speculate that Gosselin's new look may be the result of multiple procedures.
For starters, Gosselin appeared on the cover of People Magazine with a great figure and round, perky breasts. It is a known fact that most women lose some of their breast volume after having children. Breasts can begin to demonstrate pstosis or sagging, but not Gosselin's breasts! Though it cannot be confirmed, her breasts may look this good as a result of a breast augmentation and/or mastopexty or lift.
Additionally, rumors have circulated that Gosselin may be an avid fan of Botox, or have undergone liposuction of the submental area of the face (the area below the chin) as her face is taught and skin is smooth. Gosselin may have also undergone other surgical procedures. Our very own Dr. Jennifer Walden says, "Looking at recent photos of her in a bikini, she [Gosselin] may have had liposuction of her thighs as well. In addition, her chin is much more well-defined in recent photos which could be the result of submental liposuction and a chin implant." Whatever you're doing Kate, keep doing it! You look great!

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