Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miami Thong Lift

We've all heard of the Brazilian bikini but Brazil isn't the only place where thongs are popular and tooshies are tight. A procedure becoming increasingly popular is known as the "Miami Thong Lift," and as its name implies, is popular in Miami, FL. The procedure was presented at the conference of British Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons in London.

Rather than use silicone implants, grafts of fat liposuctioned from the thighs or stomach is purified and then injected into the layers of muscle of the buttocks, changing their shape. As with any procedure there are risks. While some doctors say the procedure can be done with a local anesthetic, and there is no risk of rejection since the fat belongs to the patient, once injected, the fat may not get adequate blood supply, die and be reabsorbed by the body. This could result in an uneven bum. The procedure is supposed to make the buttocks shapely and not necessarily larger. Before any surgical procedure it is important to consider all of the risks and long-term effects-- no butts about it! (I couldn't help myself).

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