Monday, September 27, 2010

E! Introduces Bridalplasty, a New Reality Show

E! the company that produces Dr. 90210 Extreme Plastic Surgery who recently featured Dr. Jennifer Walden is about to embark on a new television series: Bridalplasty.

The new reality show will have brides-to-be compete in wedding-themed challenges (ranging from writing vow to planning honeymoons) to win surgeries their plastic surgery wish lists.

Winners will then under go the procedures immediately results will be shown at the beginning of the next week's episode.

"Viewers will witness his emotional and possibly shocked reaction as they stand at the altar and he lifts her veil to see her for the first time following her extreme plastic surgery," E! said.

Also, according to E! the women are voted out one by one by the other competitors and the last woman standing wins their dream wedding.

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