Monday, August 23, 2010

Erika Freaks Out in the SpIN Crowd About Lip Augmentation

The Spin Crowd is a new "reality" show on E! starring Jonathan Cheban, the owner of Command PR. The show is formally known as The Spindustry, although nobody seems to care that the show produced by Kim Kardashian suddenly resurfaced with a new name.

Well last night Cheban ordered his first year associate Erika Ledesma to get dermal fillers in her lips and he even went as far as to pay for the procedure and set up the appointment.

In case you didn't see the show, Ledesma CRIED about a. having her boss tell her she needed to enhance her lips and b. after, during and before her procedure about the devastating transformation she was making to have to keep her job.

Well hunny, if you want to play ball in the big leagues, you gotta step up to the plate.

As someone who's had numerous lip fillers injected I can say it certainly doesn't make you unrecognizable.

I think her attitude towards the procedure and Cheban's suggestion was childish, there's no difference from putting on some spanks to squeeze into an Alice + Olivia dress than to get a little filler in your lips. You're still using outside measures to achieve a "more desirable look" that society has established.

So grow up girl, but thanks for the dermal filler PR (any press is good press as Im sure Cheban knows) and Im sure Restylane and Juvederm appreciate the product placement!

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