Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All In Moderation

I realize that it is a common misconception among non-celebs that all the folks in Hollywood know each other but after seeing these pictures of, and posted by, Teri Hatcher I have no doubt that she and Lisa Rinna are friends. If you are a dedicated reader of our blog you will recall a posting I did on 3/25/10 about Lisa Rinna fresh out of the shower, in her bathroom, moving her facial muscles every which way possible in attempt to prove to the world that she is not "overtoxed". So either Teri has a case of copycatitis or while lunching with her pal she was given great advice on how to put out there that you are gracefully growing old (ha!). I can just picture the conversation...."You wait for the Botox to wear off, but not completely because you will look HORRIBLE on camera, then you take as many pictures as possible in your towel, post them, then go straight to your injector before another muscle moves!" Look, I get it, the media is ruthless with celebrities and what they have had nipped and tucked, but enough with the towel show. Just show us a little movement on Desperate Housewives this season and we'll be happy. And remember ladies, just like everything else, Botox in moderation! You don't need to swear off one of the best inventions in recent times, just look at it like dessert, a little goes a long way....

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