Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She's BACK!

This weekend Kate Gosselin graced our TV screens once again. TLC aired the first of many "specials" featuring Kate and the many Gosselin children. Although I wasn't one of the MILLIONS that tuned in, surprising everyone the numbers went through the roof. The Gosselin's were ratings gold last fall when the incredibly tense episodes aired discussing the painful split of John and Kate Gosselin. This split not only ended the show "Jon and Kate Plus 8", but it sparked a nasty court battle between Jon and the television network TLC. Much to the joy of the American public Jon and TLC were able to come to an agreement and the show "Kate Plus 8" is going to continue.

We have discussed Kate Gosselin many, many times on the blog....it seems we have watched her transform right before our eyes. She really has changed from a frumpy housewife to a very beautiful and put together woman. Kate has been very open from the beginning about her tummy tuck after the birth of her sextuplets. It has been rumored that she also underwent a breast augmentation/mastopexy. I have seen so many pictures of Ms. Gosselin lately between her new show coming out and her stint on "Dancing with the Stars", and she looks great! It is amazing how much better she looks without her old haircut. It also appears that she may have had some botox and other possible injections. In the past we have blogged about her famous "11's"....in recent pictures they look to have been corrected, most likely by Botox. Kate's skin also appears extremely youthful and even. This is likely from skin treatments such a chemical peels or lasers. I'm sure to keep her skin in great shape after these treatments she is faithful to a good skin regimen. Great quality skin products will give you the most longevity to any facial treatment.

We all know that looking great after a bad break-up is the BEST revenge....I say Kate is on the right track to some GREAT revenge! Keep it up Kate! :)

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