Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HollywoodLife.com Thinks Megan Fox Went Overboard on the Injectables

Recently, Dr. Walden weighed in on Megan Fox's apparent injectable procedures, here is the article from HollywoodLife.com:

Megan- you’re just 24- do you have a Heidi Montag complex? Experts think you’ve gone overboard with Botox, fillers, and lip injections!

Megan you showed up to the premiere of yourbox office bomb Jonah Hex displaying a very different looking face and experts think you’ve had work done! We broke down your shocking new look to try and figure out just what you’ve done! Take a look and see if it’snatural beauty or a little medical help that is keeping Megan gorgeous.

  1. Lips: It is clear that Megan’s lips are much, much bigger than they used to be and she’s lost the pretty bow in her top lip due to new engorgement ! Dr. Sharon Giese, a plastic surgeon in New York City told us, “Megan had her lips over injected, that is the biggest thing.” Dr. Jennifer Walden, another New York City plastic surgeon agrees noting Megan appears to have, “soft tissue fillers in her lips.”
  2. Botox: Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami thinks the starlet has definitely had Botox. “She’s definitely getting Botox and a lot of it,” he said. “Around her eyes and near her eyebrows to keep that smoothness she had four years ago. It’s making her look waxy. She has that frozen look from Botox.” Dr. Walden agrees saying it, “appears she has undergone Botox injections to her forehead and crow’s feet to give it that smooth appearance.”
  3. Cheeks: Almost all the surgeons we spoke with agreed Megan has had her cheeks filled. “Her cheeks have been enhanced, maybe with a filler like Radiesse, Juvederm, or Restylane,” says Dr.Bruce Katz of the Juva Skin and Laser Center in Manhattan. Dr. Steven Pearlman, a NYC plastic surgeon notes the actress has, “jumped on the facial filler bandwagon. Her cheeks appear fuller and more round.” Dr. Katz claims that this procedure in particular is becoming very popular with women in their twenties!

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Do you agree with the experts or think this is just the result of aging?

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