Monday, June 7, 2010

Designer D-Cups

Women have been augmenting their breasts for decades and despite the fact that we still like to make a big deal when a celebrity is found out to have implants, it has become almost a rite of passage in the Hollywood sect to "volumize" at a certain age if puberty didn't get the job done. What we have not seen up to this point, other than Madonna in concert attire, was celebrities enhancing their breasts on top of their clothes through designer detail.

In this picture of Charlize Theron (at the Oscars nonetheless!) Vera Wang gave the actress breasts in the form of lavender flower petals. Was she trying to ensure her "headlights" wouldn't go on if the room was chilly? I can't think of any other reason for such detail to be added to an otherwise beautiful gown. Charlize is not alone in this interesting trend. In the picture below, taken from the current issue of US Weekly, you can see young Hollywood embracing fashion boobies in a wide variety of styles

The beauty of a trend is that it doesn't last a very long time. A one season wonder is usually the time frame in which a style goes from hot to not. Hopefully this one won't make it past the Fourth of July! I doubt the breast implant companies are losing sleep over their new competition in the market place. It won't be long before breast augmentation returns to inside the body where it belongs.

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