Monday, May 3, 2010

Two Thumbs Up

Movies weren't the only thing being premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. Alexa Ray Joel made an appearance which introduced her new surgically refined nose to the world. In keeping with film lingo I give her "two thumbs up" for her final result. She looks beautiful! She is 100% recognizable as herself and has gone on the record to say how happy she is.

It is no secret that Alexa has had a tough year. It was only months ago that she was admitted to the hospital after an intentional overdose of the homeopathic medication Traumeel. Luckily this remedy for inflammation and joint pain wouldn't have killed her, but it was certainly a wake up call to her family and friends that she was not okay. Even before her rhinoplasty she seemed to rebound quickly, however now she appears more comfortable in her skin than ever before.

I can't imagine what it must be like to have Christy Brinkley as a mother. How is a young girl supposed to feel beautiful when you're staring at the face of perfection everyday of your life. We can be told thousands of time from a young age that beauty is only skin deep and true beauty comes from within, but let's get real. Have you met the society we live in? Not exactly the most forgiving critic of "outer beauty" flaws. I would have never looked at Alexa and thought she "needed" plastic surgery. Nobody "needs" plastic surgery. It is called elective surgery for a reason. It's done by choice and Alexa said having a rhinoplasty was something she'd been wanting to do for years. She has made a point to let the world know that she does not plan on having any further procedures.

Alexa was a great candidate for rhinoplasty. Her narrowed, more refined, nose allows the rest of her features to shine. She has beautiful facial structure, skin, and eyes. The subtle changes made to her nose give her a more delicate, feminine appearance. Working in the field of plastic surgery I have seen countless number of women and men credit their nose jobs for changing their lives and boosting their self esteem. The transformation inside and out is nothing shy of amazing. I am thrilled for Alexa! She has her whole life ahead of her and I hope this new beginning brings her lots of joy. She is a beautiful, talented musician with a very bright future. Christy who?

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  1. I love her new nose! I've wanted to do my nose for the longest time but have always been too scared of what the results would be like. Do you have any idea who her surgeon was? I'm also trying to look at your patients' before and after photos but, for some reason, your website is blocked in my country! :( I'm pretty sure that I am, too, a great candidate for rhinoplasty. I can say that I have the same exact nose as the one she had and I want the same exact one she has now!