Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NeNe or Natalie

It has become all too common for us to see headlines of Bravo's "real housewives" getting nipped and tucked. The irony of the multiple spinoff show's title is enough to make me laugh out loud [LOL ;) ]. Bravo might want to consider renaming the franchise, "The Not So Real Housewives", since you would be hard pressed to find a cast member at this point who hasn't had a little nip here and tuck there.

NeNe Leakes appeared at a benefit Monday night in her home city of Atlanta where she debuted a dramatically enhanced nose. You can see in the above picture, taken from US Weekly's website, that NeNe is practically unrecognizable with her new face. If I were at that party I would have thought Natalie Cole just walked in! It is very common for people to bring in pictures of celebrities they wish to resemble to their plastic surgeon and I wouldn't be surprised if NeNe walked into her doctor's office singing unforgettable. Doesn't she look just like her? There is no question that she has had a nose job and it appears as though she may have had some fat removed from her lower cheeks as well as lip injections.

It's a lot of work to have done but I think it paid off for her. Her nose is much more refined and in proportion with the rest of her face. The definition in her cheeks, and volume to her lips, give her an overall chiseled look that suits her very well. NeNe was no stranger to surgery prior to this extreme makeover. Right now the official homepage of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' contains a video titled, "NeNe Drops her Double D's". The footage shows the cast member at a plastic surgeon's office getting a consultation for breast implant exchange and abdominal liposuction. She says on camera, "there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a little tune up every now and again". I guess what she really meant to say was, " there is nothing wrong with getting a complete overhaul of parts every now and again!". No harm I guess in downplaying the situation, it's certainly not illegal, stealing Natalie Cole's face however might be...

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