Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Officially Grown Up

Who can forget the catchy Pussycat Dolls song "When I Grow Up" that had every tween around the country singing about wanting "to be famous and have boobies". Well looking at recent photos of Pussycat Dolls lead singer, and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Nicole Scherzinger, it is pretty obvious that she can now check both of those off her list of desired accomplishments in life. She has been famous for quite some time, but up until recently has been small busted. She has never shied away from wearing body revealing outfits and her new cleavage is impossible to miss in her DWTS wardrobe.

Perez Hilton put this 'before and after' comparison on his blog which is a great display of her "grown up" new look. Her breasts are significantly larger these days and I think she looks fantastic! She has such a beautiful figure, and worked the small chested look really well, but the more voluptuous version of her no doubt has men drooling on their remote controls every Monday and Tuesday night. Pamela who?

I applaud her for choosing an implant size that gives her some nice cleavage without looking out of proportion with the rest of her body. Too often women want "to get their moneys worth" so much so that they end up with breasts that are too large for their frame. Not only does this set them up for more complications down the road, but it doesn't look good or at all natural. We all know boobs are a man's best friend but even they want to be able to see other parts of a woman's body. I think Nicole's breasts really add to her figure without taking it over.

Keep rocking those costumes and dance moves Nicole and you will likely be the recipient of a mirror ball trophy at the end of the season. I think your next song should be about what you want to be in middle age, "left alone and lifted"?

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