Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LXNY Segment Boobs vs. No Boobs

LXNY produced a GREAT segment yesterday about the dilemma to get breast augmentation or not. This is always such a hot topic no matter what is going on in the media. As it would have it people like Kate Hudson and Heidi Montag gave these ladies PLENTY to discuss. In addition to experts from magazines like In Touch, was our own Teneia Wooten. Ms. Wooten is a recent patient of Dr. Walden who underwent breast augmentation. Teneia is such a excellent example of the kind of women that make up the majority of patients that undergo breast augmentation. I think with Hollywood stars like Heidi Montag and Pamela Anderson splashed all over the tabloids, we as a society associate breast augmentation with those type of results. To be honest woman like Teneia who have a natural and beautiful result are more the norm.

Many issues are discussed such as breast size, body dysmorphic disorder, and other self confidence issues. We all thought Teneia's answers were spot on! She also brings up a good point that breast augmentation is a big decision and a major surgery. It is incredibly important to always do your research and make sure you go to a board certified plastic surgeon when thinking of going under the knife. Especially when these days we have easy access the Internet which can be such a great research tool!

See below for the entire segment on LXNY! Enjoy!!

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