Monday, April 19, 2010

Christmas Morning

It feels like Christmas morning! I have been waiting for this moment all my blogging life and it has come at last. Kate Hudson FINALLY got breast implants. She has been famously flat-chested forever, going on record in the past about loving her small breasts. I always commended her for loving what the man upstairs gave her, but couldn't help but think she would look even better with a little help from the silicone gods. From the looks of this picture, taken from the current issue of US Weekly, Kate has had a change of heart. The change is subtle, but leaves little question as to what's been done.

If you look at the "before" picture above you can see that she has almost no breast tissue. It is what we call the "A- cup" in the plastic surgery world. These are people that even with the help of a pushup bra cannot create cleavage because there is nothing to push together. The "after" picture shows Kate in the range of a B cup that is not likely to be the result of push-up technology knowing what her natural anatomy is. The top she has on appears to have no padding and little support. She most likely has a silicone gel breast implant around 250cc which is one of the smallest on the market. If a subtle, natural look was what she was going for than she has achieved just that!

Now don't misunderstand. I am a firm believer that the best results in plastic surgery are the natural looking ones. From working in the business though I do know that the biggest regret after a breast augmentation is not having gone "a little bit bigger". Most women who undergo this procedure are so worried about looking too big and fake that they gravitate toward smaller implants and then have what we call "buyers remorse". I think she looks much improved but can't help but feel like she should have gone with a slightly larger implant for optimal results. Of course it really doesn't matter what I think. As long as Kate is happy with her results and achieved her desired outcome than the surgery was a success. This goes for anyone undergoing surgery. If Kate ever does want to "upgrade" the operating room door is always open. Congrats Kate! Can't wait to see you filling out those gowns next awards season...

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