Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anxious Amy

I was over at Makemeheal.com yesterday and I saw a new post on songstress Amy Winehouse that caught my eye. Most people know by now that the pop star underwent Breast Augmentation last fall. It was recently reported on People.com that the singer recently checked into the hospital due to "chest pains". Many of Amy's family members have spoken to the press stating that she feels the "pains" are from the breast implants. One of Amy's friends was quoted as saying:

"Amy was in agony and became convinced it was something to do with her boobs. She thought she would leave it for a while but the pain go worse. She went into the clinic on Thursday and they kept her under observation. She is waiting for a decision on whether the implants have to come out or not."

While it is highly unlikely that any type of cardiac condition can be traced to her implants, it is a good thing she is being checked out by medical professionals. Based on her past behavioral issues, there is speculation that these health concerns originate from other sources. Either way we hope Amy feels better soon and continues on her road to staying healthy!

It's a good opportunity to remind all of us that Breast-Augmentation is a REAL surgery and not something that is to be taken lightly. It is always important to follow your board certified surgeons instructions to the letter before AND after your surgery. By doing your part you can expect a beautiful result inside and out! :)

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