Monday, March 15, 2010

What is The Price of Beauty?

I know many people are groaning out loud, but I for one am glad that Jessica Simpson is returning to reality TV. I think she is a natural in this medium and the subject matter of her new show The Price of Beauty on Vh1 is very relevant to issues in today's society.

The premise of the show consists of Jessica and her best friends CaCee Cobb and Ken Paves as they seek out what "true beauty" means all over the globe. Throughout the season they will travel to Thailand, France, India, Uganda, Morocco, Japan and Brazil. As they move from country to country they learn what is considered"beautiful" in each culture.

The show itself was a brainchild of Jessica and her father (executive producer) Joe Simpson. Jessica states that after the "chili cook-off scandal" last year where she was photographed wearing a very unflattering pair of jeans, the star began to really struggle with her own self esteem and self worth. Of course it didn't help that the gossip magazines were unrelenting calling Simpson "fat" and "chubby". I am sorry, but even at her heaviest Ms. Simpson has NEVER been "fat". The pop star has said in interviews that the show was not only enlightening from an educational standpoint, but that it really gave her a new sense of self.

In most of the countries she visited plastic surgery is not discussed, but in the episode where they go to Brazil (which has a very large plastic surgery population) they talk about how popular gluteal implants are in that culture. Supposedly Jessica talks about her opinions on plastic surgery during that stop....that should be a very interesting episode. We all know the Simpson family is no strangers to plastic surgery. :)

I am really excited to see this show and I hope people tune in to watch. Jessica was interviewed recently and explained what she gained from the experience:

"I definitely carry myself differently after experiencing this because there is something about myself that is so unique that I found that I’m proud of," Simpson says. "And any man I find, they’re going to be darn lucky."

Well said Jessica, well said.

Happy Monday!!

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