Monday, March 8, 2010


Seriously....there were so many amazing photos to choose from it took me forever to choose!!! So, on the heels of my blog from last week where I praised the "over 40 and fabulous " I am going to do a 180 degree turn this week. Last night on ABC one of my all time favorite award shows was on...the 82nd annual Oscars! I love the show itself, but let's face it....the most awesome part about the Oscars is seeing what everyone looks like as they arrive on the infamous red carpet. Like so many years in the past, last night did NOT disappoint. Everyone looked stunning, but I have to say young Hollywood definitely stole the show!!! All the young actors and actresses looked confident and put together and really represented the next generation of silver screen veterans.

Some of my favorites were: Kristen Stewart, Nicole Richie, Rachel McAdams, and Anna Kendrick. I thought Kristin Stewart's look just hit it out of the ball park....the color, the fit, the hair, the makeup....flawless! Her skin was like porcelain....all of the tanorexic stars in Hollywood take note....this is what skin should look like! Her makeup was so light you could even see her freckles peeking through....beautiful.

I always wondered how these screen sirens maintain such radiant skin! Well, they don't wake up with it looking that way....just like going to the gym a skin regimen takes consistency and work! They do regular skin peels and during the award season they keep extra hydrated. Some stars (even the young ones) will also undergo injections to give that extra smooth and even appearance to the face. Lastly, they moisturize with a good moisturizer that contains SPF....sun exposure to the skin is the fastest way to deplete the skin (especially on the face) of youth!

Since working here for Dr. Walden, I have learned so many awesome tricks of the trade...and the best part is that we can all use these same beauty tricks the stars use to look great everyday. So, next time you have a big even coming up or you just want to try something new ask your plastic surgeon if you could benefit from a skin peel or an injectable...there is no reason we all can't look red carpet ready every day! :)

Happy Monday!

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