Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Celebrity in Training!

Move over Paris Hilton, we have our own "Celebrity in Training" here at Dr. Walden's office. What am I talking about you ask, well here are the details. Her name is Allison, she is 15, she had a cosmetic rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Walden, and most importantly she is ADORABLE!!! What qualifies her as a "celeb in training"? Besides the fact that she is a beautiful young woman, Ms. Allison has been taking advantage of the world wide web to chronicle her journey throughout her pre and post-operative rhinoplasty procedure. She has a YouTube channel (which I will feature at the bottom of this blog post....oh, and don't forget to subscribe!) and she has a handful of video blogs where she discusses all the ins and outs of her procedure.

Now this is the part of the blog where I start to feel a little old....hehehehe.....I mean it is amazing all the things kids have access to today. They have so many amazing outlets to be expressive and creative....and this situation is no different. It is so refreshing to hear a well spoken young woman talk about issues of beauty and self esteem in such positive light....a great example to young and old women alike!! Of course my favorite video of the bunch is the "before and after". This post really shows the dramatic and beautiful results this young lady was given.

I also want to take a quick moment to applaud her parents. I know so many parents that would just brush off a 15 year olds request to get rhinoplasty, but the transformation is just amazing, and I can only imagine how positively this will effect this young lady's life. Elective plastic surgery is a very serious decision and I think it is great that this young woman's parents took the time to listen to her and weigh her options and come up with the best plan for her life. Really awesome. Anyway, check out Allison's story below!

Happy Monday!!

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