Monday, February 22, 2010

The Little Bitty "Tibi" Committee

Fashion week in New York signifies certain times of year as much as Halloween makes one think October. Twice a year, as mid-February and mid-September approach, fashionistas across the land start to get that excited itch of the approaching fashion week. For most it's the unveiling of the hottest designers newest collection that brings out celebrities, editors, and photographers alike, but for me it's a candy store of plastic surgery both good and bad, and an endless playing of my favorite two games; 'who needs what' and 'who's had what'. This year I attended the Tibi show and was giddy like a kid on a snow day as the models started walking down the runway. I happen to love Tibi and even sported a dress by the designer to the show. I was really getting into it this year! So much so that instead of ignoring the runway and focusing on the audience to play the games mentioned above, I was extremely focused on the models. Of course they were all tall and skinny because that's just par for the course (and the only measurements that fit into those sample sizes!) but I couldn't help but feel that a little bosom would've made the collection look more feminine and wearable by the general public (translation: anyone bigger than a size 0). I realize that it is physically impossible to maintain a decent cup size with these models LOW body mass index, but I do think some of them would benefit from conservative breast implants. I think breast augmentation would make a lot of these models look and feel more womanly, without drawing any attention away from the clothes. I get that these shows are supposed to be solely about the collection, not the models, but until designers can figure out how to make actual hangers walk, they need to accept that the models are part of the show too. A B-cup will only make the clothes look better!!

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