Monday, February 22, 2010


I know this is a side step out of the ordinary of our usual blog fare around here, but I saw a headline about Hilary Duff getting engaged and I was so genuinely happy for her. Hilary has always been extremely classy and just plain adorable. She made the transition from Disney's Lizzie McGuire to grown up Gossip Girl seamlessly. There were never any drunken photos of her dancing on tables or wardrobe malfunctions as she was exiting a vehicle. I think in Hollywood those activities have become the norm rather than the exception.

Last week Ms. Duff announced that she is engaged to hockey star Mike Comrie, who she has been dating for more than two years. Mike popped the question in Maui, but there is no date set to walk down the aisle as of yet.

In addition to her blooming love life, Hilary has always remained very natural looking. It is rumored that the star has had cosmetic rhinoplasty early in her career and possible liposuction. She obviously also has great genetics because her and her sister Hillary have glowing skin. I think she is probably too young to have delved into any type of botox at this point, but looks as if she possibly uses a dermal filler to plump up her lips. Whatever work she has or hasn't had done, I think she always carries and presents herself in a elegant put together way and is such a great example for up and coming stars of tomorrow.

Congrats Hilary!!

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