Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boob Man Bachelor

Well it wouldn't be a season of the Bachelor without the girl that every girl in America loves to hate and this season's villain makes her predecessors look like sweethearts. Vienna has successfully alienated all the other contestants while managing to convince Jake that the negative portrayal of her by the other girls stems from nothing more than jealousy. Jake might want to pick up a copy of US Weekly this week to shed some light on the real Vienna. According to the magazine, Vienna not only cheated on her husband while he was serving in Iraq, but she drained his bank account of $5,000 to fund her breast implants. Can you think of anything more disrespectful? While her breasts do look great, they're had to have been a better way to purchase them...has she not heard of CareCredit?!

Now coincidentally (or maybe not) Monday night's episode of The Bachelor had Vienna on a "two on one" date with the other rumored surgically enhanced contestant, Gia. Gia, unlike Vienna, is very well liked by both Jake and the other girls in the house. She is absolutely gorgeous and according to US Weekly has had not one, but two breast surgeries. She is a swimsuit model by profession and while she might lack some of the personality the other girls have, she can rock a bikini like it's nobody's business! It's a shame that Jake seem way more interested in Vienna's silly antics than Gia's sweet personality and beauty.

If Monday night's episode and the US Weekly reports leave me with any take home messages here they are... We as women will truly never understand what attracts guys to certain girls and men love breasts. Beautiful breasts are probably the only thing that Gia and Vienna have in common and Jake, like the rest of them, is a "boob guy". Enjoy the views Jake but just remember if you propose you're marrying more than what's behind the bra!!

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