Monday, January 4, 2010

What's your vote for best of 2009?

Happy New Year everyone!! I know we are all moving forward into the new year, but it also means it is time to look back on 2009 and all that happened in celebrity plastic surgery news. You can't turn a page in a magazine or go to a website without stumbling across best and worst of 2009 lists. I was recently on and looking at their best and worst breast augmentations of 2009 lists. There were many that seemed like no brainers, but some were actually surprising. One of my favorites on the list for best breast augmentation was Twilight's very own Ashley Greene. As some of you may know I make no secret about my love for The Twilight Saga, so I was excited to see Ashley added to this list!

It is rumored that the actress underwent breast augmenation and by the looks of it her surgery was very successful. She tops the "best of" list because she had a good surgeon who helped her pick out implants that fit her frame and body type. This expertise resulted in a very natural look for Ms. Greene. I will say that she also has a great team of stylists that dress her and always accentuate her best features which is always helpful. I have no doubt we will be seeing Ashley's beautiful figure for many years to come on the silver screen!

I can't wait to see who tops the 2010 list....come on celebs give us something good to chat about this year!! Wooohooo!

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