Friday, January 15, 2010


Emmy Award winning actor Jeremy Piven is making headlines this week from some shots snapped in the Pacific Ocean and not because of his beach body. While relaxing off the Hawaiian coast, Piven took off his baseball cap and the paparazzi got a photo of a scar on the back of his scalp that implies he recently had a hair transplant.

If I were Piven I would totally own up to the surgery, after all, hair transplant surgery is, in my opinion, way less embarrassing than the rumors that were flying a couple months ago in Star Magazine.

Star published a quote stating, “He has experimented with all sorts of folklore remedies, like cat urine and bee pollen, as well as all the organic hair restoration formulas.” The source continues on to say, “He had literally 30 types of hair vitamins in his bathroom. It looks like a pharmacy in there.”

Piven denies the hair transplant rumors, but according to Dr. Jennifer Walden (who has not treated Piven) as seen below on a segment with Inside Edition, there really isn’t room for debate. 

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